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Rempang Island, Between Foreign Investment, Businessmen Interest and Local Politics


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - This week, we are featuring a main report on the riots on Rempang Island in the Riau Islands Province when the police attempted to evacuate the island on September 7 and 11. There are approximately 7,500 residents living on the Rempang island, which is set to become an integrated business center. They refused relocation to Galang Island due to minimal dissemination and having lived on the island for years.

It all began with a meeting between President Joko Widodo and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the end of July. Jokowi offered investment opportunities on the Rempang island to several Chinese entrepreneurs. The world’s largest glass factory expressed interest. The government quickly changed the status of Rempang Eco-City to a national strategic project. With this status, no one can hinder its development.

While Jokowi and his ministers went to China, businessman Tomy Winata sought investors in Europe. One of Tomy’s companies holds the concession for the island’s development for 80 years. The permit was issued in 2001. Why is Rempang Island only being developed now? It is because of the chaos in the concession granting process by the government itself.

The government considers the residents of Rempang Island to have encroached on the land. However, they have been living there for many years. There are local political intrigues in Batam, businessmen interests, as well as the government’s desire to attract foreign investments. The people of Rempang do not actually reject development. They simply reject relocation without proper dissemination.

These differing understandings have led to riots. What is the government’s solution? We interviewed Tomy Winata to clarify the issue of Rempang Island’s development. Is it true that the island will be turned into a gambling center?

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There are other interesting articles in this edition. These cover the fate of the exiles from the 1965 incident, the economic lifestyles of celebrities and a number of people who have taken early retirement.

We also have other interesting articles in this edition, including the fate of exiles from the 1965 events, the revision of the Indonesia’s Green Taxonomy, and how the families of victims of acute kidney injury are still waiting compensation from the government.  

Enjoy the magazine.

Bagja Hidayat

Executive Editor

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Violence in Rempang

The government wants to turn Rempang Island into an industrial and commercial region. Once again, local people will lose out.

Green Taxonomy Revision

The OJK revises the classifications for companies based on their environmental standards and management. This accommodates the interests of those behind coal and palm oil.

1965 Exiles

The government needs to respond favorably to the request from exiles for an apology, setting straight the historical record and a continuation of the judicial process.

Interview with Artha Graha Group founder Tomy Winata on the Rempang Eco-City

Artha Graha Group founder Tomy Winata talks about the Rempang Eco-City, Nine Dragons, as well as various allegations against him.


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Nasib Warga Pulau Rempang Terdampak Proyek: Ada Sejumlah Pilihan Relokasi

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Anak-anak bermain bola di Pantai Melayu Pulau Rempang, Batam. Pantai ini menjadi salah satu titik lokasi pembangunan Rempang Eco-city. (TEMPO.CO/Yogi Eka Sahputra)
Nasib Warga Pulau Rempang Terdampak Proyek: Ada Sejumlah Pilihan Relokasi

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