The Tale of the 123 Satellite


Nur Haryanto

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    January 26, 2022

    The Tale of the 123 Satellite

    Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud Md. has announced that there are suspicions of corruption in the procurement and lease of a satellite for the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot. However, the Attorney General’s Office has yet to investigate Indonesian Military (TNI) personnel allegedly involved in corruption over the ministry of defense project.

    A number of sources with knowledge of this issue have said that the government has been investigating the case since May 2021. One of the objectives of this is to avoid the obligation to pay the Rp800-billion fine determined by the Arbitration Court as it decided in favor of two partners of the defense ministry. The government believes that this obligation would be nullified if there is proof of corruption in the project.

    We also obtained a number of documents that show many irregularities in the Rp9.5-trillion project. One of them is that the ministry of defense signed a working contract before obtaining permission from the communication and informatics ministry or funding from the finance ministry. What will happen next?

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    Stefanus Pramono

    Managing Editor


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