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Towering Corruption Involved Political Party Figures


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - COMMUNICATION and Informatics Minister Johnny Plate has been implicated in alleged corruption related to the construction of base transceiver station (BTS) towers, causing a state loss of Rp8.03 trillion. Several political party figures from various parties and prominent businessmen are suspected to be involved in the construction of these towers in 4,200 villages across Indonesia, with an estimated cost of around Rp11 trillion. Who are these individuals? Is this case being used for political pressure to support a certain presidential candidate for 2024?


The Omnibus Health Law

THE discussion of the Health Bill in the House of Representatives (DPR) lacks transparency. The deliberation takes place in a hotel instead of the DPR building. Several groups express concerns about inserted articles, including one concerning tobacco.


The Attack of the Sharia Bank

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THE services of Bank Syariah Indonesia were disrupted for five days due to a cyberattack. The bank is currently conducting forensic audits to investigate the issue. Outdated computers and obsolete antivirus software are suspected to be the root cause of the problem.


The Best Forest Guardians

THE Washington Post has named the Kajang tribe as the world’s best indigenous forest guardians. This tribe protects a 530-hectare primary forest called Tana Toa, the oldest land, in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, with their customary values. They face a threat from the expansion of plantation companies.


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Video Pilihan

Illegal Mining Corruption of Ex Jokowi Volunteer

56 hari lalu

Illegal Mining Corruption of Ex Jokowi Volunteer

Tempo cover story this week is about Windu Aji Sutanto, suspected of illegal mining nickel and former volunteer for President Jokowi.

The Suspects of BTS Corruption Try to Bribes the Authorities

26 Juni 2023

The Suspects of BTS Corruption Try to Bribes the Authorities

The suspects of BTS Corruption would not hesitate to offer bribes and lobby the authorities.

Rafael Alun and Collective Corruption in Tax Office

9 Maret 2023

Rafael Alun and Collective Corruption in Tax Office

Rafael Alun claimed his fortune was worth Rp56.1 billion. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani asked the inspectorate to investigate other tax officials.

The Cooking Oil Corruption Case

23 Mei 2022

The Cooking Oil Corruption Case

THE Attorney General's Office names a new suspect of CPO corruption case. ,Lin Che Wei, is allegedly involved in a conspiracy in CPO exports.

Cooking Oil Crisis

7 Februari 2022

Cooking Oil Crisis

The government is at a loss for measures to curb the price of cooking oil due to the uncontrolled world palm oil price hike.