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Police Drug Scandal


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A joint team from the National Police Profession and Security Division and Greater Jakarta Police arrested Insp. Gen. Teddy Minahasa Putra on Friday, October 14. At the time of his arrest, Teddy was still West Sumatra Police chief. Four days beforehand, National Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo had issued a secret telegram appointing him to lead the East Java Police.

This news emerged at a time when public attention was focused on the role of the police in the Kanjuruhan Stadium tragedy in Malang, East Java. On the same day as Teddy was arrested, President Joko Widodo summoned around 600 senior police officers from various locations from National Police Headquarters to district forces. The image of the police has suffered following revelations about the killing of Brig. Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat by his superior Insp. Gen. Ferdy Sambo. The Teddy case is the first narcotics case involving a two-star police general.

A team of Tempo journalists investigated the case in West Sumatra. It began with the uncovering of a crystal methamphetamine network in Bukittinggi District Police in May. The police seized 41.4 kilograms of the drug as evidence. Teddy ordered Sr. Adj. Comr. Dody Prawiranegara, Chief of the Bukittinggi Police at the time, to set aside 10 kilograms of crystal meth. However, Dody lost his nerve and only took away five kilograms.

The team of reporters also met with sources at Greater Jakarta Police and National Police HQ. Before arresting Teddy, police apprehended a number of crystal meth dealers in Jakarta, including three police officers. From them, the police learned the details about the theft of the five kilograms of meth on the orders of Teddy, and the subsequent sale of the drug to narcotics dealers.

Other sources provided details of Teddy’s links with members of the drug network. One suspect, Linda Pujiastuti, alias Anita, has known Teddy since 2005, when he held the rank of adjutant senior commissioner and was working at the Greater Jakarta Police Traffic Division. Linda played a key role in the case because she was a meth broker to other dealers.

Readers, aside from the details of the narcotics case involving Teddy, we also have stories containing a profile of the 51-year-old police officer, and about the damage to the image of the police following three major scandals in the last few months.

Enjoy the magazine,

Mustafa Silalahi

Main Editor

The General’s Drug Ring

What was the composition of Insp. Gen. Teddy Minahasa’s drug network? Why has it only been uncovered now?


The Wealthy Police Officer

A profile of Insp. Gen. Teddy Minahasa.

Narcotics Evidence is Prone to Misuse

A story from Benny Mamoto, a retired police officer who is now secretary of the National Police Commission.


Three Major Police Scandals

Three scandals have been uncovered recently. Will they provide momentum for police reform?


Urgent Need for Police Reform

Scroll Untuk Melanjutkan

President Joko Widodo is only highlighting the luxurious lifestyles of the generals. The root of the problem remains untouched: corruption.


Syrup behind Acute Kidney Injuries in Children

Why was the government too slow in preventing the sale of cough syrups that have caused acute kidney injuries in children?

The Story of Three Parents Whose Children Suffered Acute Kidney Injuries

How can cough syrup cause kidney problems?

Interview with the Health Minister

Read his explanations about acute kidney injuries in children


State’s Failure to Protect Children

The health ministry and the food and drug monitoring agency failed to anticipate acute kidney injuries in children. The pharmaceutical companies involved must be heavily punished.


Speeding up Sugar Self-Sufficiency

The government is formulating a presidential regulation to fast-track sugar self-sufficiency. The SOEs ministry is fusing sugar mills into Sugar Co to boost production. 

Questionable Sugar Self-Sufficiency

Sugar producers claim they were not involved in the discussion of sugar self-sufficiency regulation. They question the import quota for raw sugar.


Another Old Song about Sugar

The acceleration of self-sufficiency in sugar supply is used as an excuse to give monopoly right of imports to a state-owned company.This could trigger corruption.


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