The Police General's Narcotics Ring

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - FOUR days after being appointed as the East Java Regional Police Chief, Insp. Gen. Teddy Minahasa was instead arrested for being part of a narcotics network. He was detected of selling evidence of confiscated crystal methamphetamine weighing 5 kilograms through a drug dealer. Not only Teddy, a number of mid-level police officers were also involved. How did Teddy build a drug trafficking network?


Deadly Syrup

DOZENS of toddlers died from acute kidney injury after drinking syrup medicines containing dangerous chemicals. How did the Health Ministry and Food and Drug Monitoring Agency fail to anticipate this?


Sugar Monopoly

Sugar self-sufficiency program returns after the government established SugarCo, the sugar holding company of Perkebunan Nusantara set up to import sugar. Self-sufficiency and imports, how are they related?

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Police Drug Scandal

27 Oktober 2022

Police Drug Scandal

The Teddy Minahasa drug scandal is the first narcotics case involving a two-star police general.

Sambo's Gang

9 September 2022

Sambo's Gang

Sambo is the main suspect in the July 8 killing of Yosua.