Profiting the FMD Outbreak

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - FOOT-and-mouth or FMD disease is devastating the livestock business in Indonesia. According to the Agriculture Ministry over 400,000 animals have been infected with FMD, resulting in Rp9.9 trillion economic losses. Many smallholder farmers lost their cattle as the government has been slow in combating the outbreak, while vaccine importers enjoy huge profits from the calamity. The government directly awarded high-priced vaccine procurement contracts to companies without going through proper bidding process. Who are they?


Taking Control of Digital Platforms

THE government is forcing electronic system providers to register their companies, supposedly in the interest of controlling the spread of terrorism-related content and pornography. Is it an excuse to stifle criticism?


On the Brink of Recession

THE impact of rising inflation in the United States is spreading. Some countries fall into a recession after experiencing a downturn in consumer activity and exports. What are the impacts for Indonesia?


Dubious Peatland Restoration Claims

THE Environment and Forestry Ministry states that just 16 percent of the peat ecosystem is in good condition, while the rest is damaged. The government claims successful peat restoration. In fact, many canals are still being dug and fires repeatedly occur on peatland.

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