The Coal War


Nur Haryanto

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    Coal Crisis

    THE government prohibits coal export throughout January. The ban also applies to companies that have fulfilled the domestic market obligation. It is the government’s show of force against mining giants. What is really happening?


    Andika’s Approach in Papua

    TNI Commander Gen. Andika Perkasa plans to use dialogue as a peaceful approach to resolve conflicts in Papua and to seek closure to gross human rights violations in the province. How does he come up with this plan, which goes against all the security schemes applied to Papua in the past?


    NU Chair Yahya Cholil Staquf

    DEFEATING incumbent Said Aqil Siradj in Nahdlatul Ulama’s 34th Congress, Yahya Cholil Staquf is elected Chairman of the NU Central Board. Why does he plan to separate NU from practical politics and the PKB? Is it because PKB Chair Muhaimin supported Said Aqil in the election?

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    Ahok dalam Empat Nama Kandidat Kepala Otorita Ibu Kota Negara Baru

    Nama Ahok sempat disebut dalam empat nama kandidat kepala otorita Ibu Kota baru. Siapa tiga nama lain yang jadi calon pengelola IKN Nusantara?