Omicron Onset


Nur Haryanto

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    Omicron Onset

    THERE are a number of problems in handling the Omicron variant, including inadequate reagents and inaccurate testing equipment. As a result, the price of PCR test has gone up. Meanwhile the government claimed to be ready to face the new Covid-19 variant because they have kept a close watch since it was discovered in Africa. But why do they still struggle to contain it now?


    Digital Music Industry

    THE development of technology changes the music industry. It has long abandoned the dependent on the sales of cassettes. Streaming is the new way. It opens the opportunity for indie artists to reach a wider audience. But it has also become more competitive.


    Vietnamese Fishermen Vandalism

    MANY Vietnamese trawlers have been fishing in the Indonesian waters, damaging coral reefs and the ecosystems in the process. Tempo reports right from the scene.



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    Ahok dalam Empat Nama Kandidat Kepala Otorita Ibu Kota Negara Baru

    Nama Ahok sempat disebut dalam empat nama kandidat kepala otorita Ibu Kota baru. Siapa tiga nama lain yang jadi calon pengelola IKN Nusantara?